A Clear Look at the Benefits of Lutein

A Clear Look at the Benefits of Lutein

December 14, 2018

Making sure that your baby gets a healthy start in life is every mother’s priority. Adequate nutrition is particularly important during pregnancy. It not only maintains the health of the mother, but it also determines the course of pregnancy, fetus development, as well as the child’s health after birth.

There are specific essential nutrients that are essential to support the baby’s healthy development. One of those is Lutein. 

The Role of Lutein

Lutein, classified as a carotenoid, is often referred to as the “eye vitamin.” It is found large concentrations in the retina of the eyes and has long been associated with vision health and protection. 

Although the benefits of Lutein for visual development during all stages of pregnancy has been well documented, emerging research shows that it may also play a strong role in developing and maintaining brain function and can enhance learning and memory. 1

A wide variety of research confirms that Lutein is an antioxidant that is essential for visual maturation and brain development and plays a significant role during pregnancy and infancy. 2,3 

Since the body cannot make Lutein on its own, proper levels must be obtained from supplementation or diet. Pregnant women that supplement with Lutein increases the concentration of this vital nutrient in breast milk which in turn, provides an increase in plasma levels in their infants. 4

Lutein supplementation offers a simple and effective option for increasing intake to support proper eye development and a healthy brain throughout pregnancy.

Confirmed by Research

Published data reveals that a mother delivers Lutein across the placenta to the fetus and after birth delivers this vitamin via breast milk to the infant. lutein is present in the retina of a fetus as early as 17 to 22 weeks of gestation. 5

Benefits of Lutein

Lutein supplementation has several advantages during fetal growth and beyond, including:

  • Reduced risk of pregnancy complications 6
  • Healthy visual and cognitive development during pregnancy 7
  • Lutein in breastmilk supports the development of brain function 8
  • It is the main carotenoid in the brain related to memory, sensory skills, and learning 4
  • Lutein is one of the major carotenoids in colostrum that supports newborn immune health

From pregnant women to growing infants, everyone can benefit from a lutein-rich diet and supplementation.

Unfortunately, not all prenatal supplements contain Lutein.  And since most women cannot obtain beneficial levels from food alone, it is important to read the label to assure this essential nutrient is part of your daily regime.

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