Choline 550 mg + Folate 100 mcgDFE


    • 60 Vegan Capsules One Month Supply

    • Helps support fetal cognitive development *1

    • Supports nervous system health during baby’s development *

    • Plays a critical role in brain development *

    • Essential for DNA synthesis

    You may be taking a prenatal vitamin to help create a healthy and nutritious environment for your baby to grow but something vitally important that could provide a significant benefit to your developing child may be missing from your daily pregnancy routine.

    The prestigious National Institute of Health (NIH) suggests that supplementing with choline and folate is an essential component of prenatal care. 2,3

    In fact, the need for choline and folate increases during pregnancy and most women cannot obtain the optimum levels from food alone.

    1 Auuu Rev Nutr. 2006; 26: 229–50.
    2,3 Choline Fact Sheet, NIH Office of Dietary Supplement

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