DHA 440 mg + Lutein 20 mg


    • 60 Vegan Softgels One to Two Months Supply

    • Helps support overall pregnancy health*

    • Supports eye health during baby’s development*

    • Plays a critical role in brain development*

    • High concentration of DHA 100% plant source

    • Natural Lutein from Non-GMO Marigold flower

    Suggested Use:
    Standard dose/Pre-Pregnancy: 1- 2 vegan softgels once daily, with food. Pregnant and lactating mother: 2 vegan softgels once daily, with food.

    During pregnancy, there are some nutrients that every developing baby requires. Unfortunately, some of these cannot be made by the mother’s body and must be acquired through diet or supplementation.

    DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and Lutein are two of these essential elements.

    A Powerful Combination

    DHA and Lutein work together to deliver the proper level of nutrients for the visual and brain health of your growing baby.

    The high concentration of vegetarian DHA combined with natural sourced Lutein in Ally Nature’s prenatal formula delivers these essential primary ingredients in plant-based softgels throughout pregnancy, postpartum and early childhood.

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